COHO Rogue Valley

The COHO Project
In 2010, a group of dedicated community volunteers came together to address an unmet need for community education around advance care planning and meaningful conversations centered on end of life. This pilot project was incubated by Jefferson Regional Health Alliance and funded by a host of community organizations and individuals. During its lifetime, the COHO project raised awareness of palliative care and the importance of advance care planning for end of life. Free public workshops and other educational offerings were a hallmark of COHO’s work and thousands of individuals completed Advance Directive and POLST documents with the help of COHO facilitated workshops. The project came to a close in September 2016.



View a 7-minute video introduction to COHO:

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Watch Videos of 2014 Public Forum Presentations 

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When to Talk about End of Life Decisions – Adie Goldberg, Psychiatric Social Worker, interview on theDoveTV, March 19, 2015